Top 30 Masculine WordPress Themes for Real Men

Should we remind you that the times when website building was sumptuousness are gone? Unquestionably, it used to be an expensive thing. People paid a lot to hire a professional web designer. In addition, it took time to understand how all the elements work. What is more, you were not able to fix the site if something went wrong. Thus people had additional expenses. Still, we live in 2018! Without a doubt, these days everyone has a chance to run their ideal online project. The thing is that there are many companies that offer you to use their pre-made templates. All in all, not of these products are good enough to introduce your business. Therefore, we made a small investigation for you. As a result, in this post, you will see a new list of top 30 WordPress themes for real men. Are you ready to see them?

Why Do You Need These Masculine WordPress Themes for Real Men?

Before all else, keep in mind that these powerful WordPress templates are pre-packed. It means that they consist of multiple pre-designed pages. Some of them are cars and motorcycles WordPress themes. In addition, in this post, you will see sports WordPress themes, and much more.

Needless to say, every single page is qualitative enough to showcase your deal. What is more, they have a valid, semantic, and well-commented code. It is also SEO-friendly, which means that your project will be noticeable for Google and other search engines. Being thoroughly created, these hip WordPress themes for real men are well-featured. For these simple reasons, they have anything you may need to run a qualitative online project. In the next point, we will tell you more about the main functions of these WordPress themes for real men.

What else should you know about these hi-res WordPress themes for real men? At the outset, they are easy-to-manage. Therefore, all the elements are flexible. Basically, you can change all the design details up to your taste. Another plus of these inimitable WordPress themes for real men is 100% responsiveness. With it, your website will always look classy. People will be able to enter the site via any device with any screen size. Furthermore, every element of your site’s design will be rendered properly.

What Are the Features of These Immersive WordPress Themes for Real Men?

To make a long story short, these top-notch templates provide a user with multiple must-haves. On one hand, you will get such basic options as:

  • MegaMenu plugin;
  • Newsletter Subscription;
  • TM Gallery;
  • Several variations of blog;
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility;
  • Mobile-friendly design, and more.

On the other hand, there are many voguish features these WordPress themes for real men contain. For example:

  • Post Carousels and Sliders;
  • Circle and Countdown Counters;
  • Parallax scrolling;
  • Appointment Manager;
  • Dropdown Menu, etc.

Finally, there is a quick Drag-and-Drop Page Builder. Using it, you can create and edit new online pages professionally. What should you do? Well, just drag and drop the elements to the editor.

Needless to say, now you know a lot about these invigorating WordPress themes for real men. Given these points, would you like to view out their demos? As it was promised, below you can see a new list of top 30 masculine WordPress themes for real men. Are you ready to impress clients with the power of your business site?


Jericho – Unforgettable and Well-featured Barber Shop WordPress Theme

To start with, let’s view out this well-featured WordPress theme for real men because Jericho has multiple layout options inside. With it, a user is able to choose from a rich set and save the favorite layouts in a built-in library. As a result, you can simply open it and find a needed layout for new online pages to save time.


Ragnar - Bold and Lightning-fast WordPress Theme for real Men

Before all else, Ragnar comes with 6 home page layouts, 6 gallery types and 3 blog variations to choose from. With it, you will be able to enrich the website with Instagram Feed, Boxed Gallery, Video Posts, Grids or animations. To say more, this bold WordPress theme for real men has really comfortable color options that allow you to design the site in accordance with personal preferences.


InkPink – Groundbreaking Tattoo Studio WordPress Theme

At the outset, InkPink is a groundbreaking WordPress theme for your tattoo studio, which provides you with 7 header variations. What is more, this WordPress theme for real men contains a modern Live Customizer, which makes designing the site as easy as pie. Also, this handy feature allows you to view all the changes live, which makes the working process even more comfortable.


inkPress – Stunning and Fast Tatoo Salon WordPress Theme

First of all, this stunning tattoo WordPress template comes with an ace Elementor, which allows you to build and design new pages with no effort. Furthermore, the builder uses drag-and-drop technology, so you will be able to create the pages easily without website building experience. To finish with, inkPress provides a user with all the beautiful images that you can see in the theme’s demo!


J. Trudeau – Stylish Business Courses WordPress Theme for Real Men

Unquestionably, you will have no problems with website building because there is a cool Drag-and-Drop Page Builder to help you. Made with power, the builder comes with more than 25 modules and a magical library of presets you can use. Without a doubt, it is an easy-to-use feature, which means that you will be able to customize the pages professionally.


RedInk – Fashionable and Lightweight Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

As you can see from template’s details, RedInk offers to use a lot of modern modules to introduce your visual content in a beautiful way. For example, this lightweight tattoo salon template has such things as blurbs, sidebars, tabs, bar counters, testimonials, and much more. Another must-have option is a built-in Countdown Timer, which allows you to highlight an offer or product setting a timer.


Opus Fashion – All-in-one Blog WordPress Theme

As you can see, this all-in-one blog WordPress theme has a minimalist design, which comes with a clean, well-commented code. What is more, it is a SEO-ready template, so Google, Yahoo, and other search systems will notice the site immediately. In the end, thanks to Opus Fashion, you will get higher rates that soon result in better traffic flow.


JohnnyGo – Incredible and Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme

Beforehand, using JohnnyGo, you let your prospects to book an appointment online that will save both your and their time! To say more, this WordPress theme for real men comes with the most popular plugin for eCommerce purposes – WooCommerce! For these simple reasons, now you are able to enrich the site with shop functionality and develop your business effortlessly.


Speaker – Magnificent Life Coach WordPress Theme for Real Men

Without a doubt, this magnificent WordPress theme for real men has in its pack the eye-catching pages for all occasions! Therefore, Speaker allows you to introduce your team using such things as ‘About Us’, ‘Recent News’, and a high-quality gallery. In addition, Speaker was made with mobile first paradigm at use, so your online project will look magically on mobiles.


Monister – Remarkable and Top-notch Political Candidate WordPress Theme

To begin with, Minister is a ready-made WordPress template, which provides a user with the ultimate pack of Cherry plugins. Therefore, you will be able to change the look of the website in a single click thanks to Style Switcher. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to use Testimonials that will enrich the site with inspiring quotes or the reviews from your clients.


Identiz – Attention-grabbing Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Firstly, choosing this attention-grabbing WordPress theme for real men, you can enrich your online project with multiple custom widgets. For example, you will have such things as Tags, Latest Posts or Calendar that let you build stronger online presence. To end with, Identiz is a highly responsive template that lets your site look professional on any device!


Hayes – Deep and Creative Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Obviously, being crossbrowser compatible, this deep travel blog WordPress theme for real men will look amazing in any browser. Thus, you can finally forget about such boring things as browser testing routine and focus on your site’s design. All in all, Hayes provides you with all the instruments you may need, so don’t miss the boat!


Army – Strong Military School WordPress Theme for Real Men

Basically, building your online military school website with Army, you have all the chances to interest audience using Parallax effect. As you may know, this trendy feature will help you to guide people through website’s content thanks to the effect of depth and motion. What is more, there is Appointment Booking option, which will definitely further the work of your school, so don’t hesitate!


Zoomin – Professional Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Just take a closer look at the design of this photographer WordPress theme to see how gorgeous its pages are! There is a space for your contacts and personal information, so you can introduce yourself to the website’s visitors. In addition, Zoomin includes an awesome JetElements plugin that contains a variety of useful features for your future online showcase.


Auto Tune – Bright and Powerful Car Tuning WordPress Template

Originally, Auto Tune has Social Integration, which allows you to connect to the most popular networks and get social traffic. Moreover, this bright WordPress theme for real men has Newsletter Subscription, so you can share all the news via email. In addition, there are convenient maps that will help the customers find your office and the shortest way to it.


EXPER Auto – Unusual Auto Repair Services WordPress Theme for Real Men

Initially, EXPER Auto provides you with a must-have MegaMenu plugin, which helps to design the menus of any complicity. With the help of this plugin, you can add the pictures to your menu, use multiple categories and subcategories, etc. What is more, it improves your Search Engines Optimization that is an important point for any successful website!


Auto Towing – Top-grade and Responsive Tow Truck Service WordPress Theme

Naturally, Auto Towing is based on Cherry Framework 4, so this top-grade WordPress theme provides its owner with the solid Bootstrap options. What is more, this WordPress template for real men contains MotoPress Editor that will ease the process of site’s editing. Finally, Auto Towing comes with a wonderful MotoPress Slider, so you are able to introduce your business using professionally-looking sliders.


Iron Mass – Strikingly-colored Gym Fitness Website Template for Real Men

First of all, Iron Mass comes with various call-to-action buttons that will help to carefully call a person to action. Furthermore, this strikingly-colored WordPress theme for real men provides you with circle counters that show a huge amount of info. What is more, Iron Mass includes Appointment Manager, which lets your guests book an appointment directly on your online project.


Adrenaline – Inimitable and Beautiful Adrenaline Sports WordPress Theme

Before all else, Adrenaline is WPML compatible, which means that you can make your site available in several languages. Moreover, this theme offers you to choose from 30 amazing widgets that will help you to manage a worthy site. This template for real men includes Real-time Customizer, which shows how the website looks before you push the changes live.


Down River – Hi-res and Immersive Rafting and Paddling WordPress Theme

Undeniably, one of the template’s pluses is that Down River is Ecwid-ready product, which allows you to add shop functionality. The thing is that you can create an online shop just for free and in a few minutes! Furthermore, this WordPress theme for real men has a Timetable Plugin, which allows you creating the schedules for multiple events.


Maxigen – Upbeat and Full-fledged Hiking WordPress Theme for Real Men

As you can see, Maxigen has a trendy design, which combines pink and white colors and creates a charming contrast. Needless to say, this upbeat WordPress theme for real men is your ready-made solution, which contains all the popular plugins. What is more, Maxigen has 2 stylish variations of gallery, so you can showcase your business in all its glory.


Termifighter – Bubbly Material Arts Club WordPress Theme for Real Men

Firstly, this bubbly WordPress template includes a smart builder, which lets you create a desired site without touching the code. Therefore, all you need to do is to drag and drop the needed elements to a handy editor! In addition, keep in mind that this unusual WordPress theme contains such Cherry plugins as Testimonials, Real Estate, PopUps, etc.


Sensei - Prepossessing MMA WordPress Theme

Without a doubt, choosing Sensei, you will arrange everything without a hitch using the pre-packed Appointment Manager and Timetable plugin. To say more, this prepossessing WordPress theme for real men is extremely responsive, crossbrowser compatible, and just perfect for SEO. Moreover, thanks to its 100% responsiveness, Sensei will automatically change the sizes of all site’s elements according to the device.


Eirworth – Classy and Consistent Golf Club WordPress Theme

Before all else, Eirworth comes with such plugins as Cherry Projects and Cherry Sidebars to arrange your visual content. What is more, this classy WordPress theme has 5 minutes installation and provides its owner with a new setup wizard. In a word, it will guide you through the installation process and will explain the purpose of every element.


ProShot – Fully-functional Tennis Club WordPress Theme for Real Men

Obviously, this fully-functional tennis club WordPress theme provides a user with a qualitative Events Calendar to further their work. As a result, you will be able to construct various schedules (from the simple ones to the most complicated) and present the upcoming events effectively. What is more, you can change anything you want like colors, global elements or other details making them look perfect.


Quick Wind – Mesmerizing Yachting & Voyage Charter WordPress Theme

Actually, with the help of Quick Wind, you may introduce the members of your team professionally and without trouble. Moreover, this mesmerizing WordPress theme for real men provides you with various widgets (including social media) to add more functionality. As a result, the template offers you to enrich the site with such trendy elements as post carousels and testimonials.


WildRide – Content-driven WordPress Theme for Real Men

To make a long story short, WildRide includes MailChimp newsletter subscription, which allows you to keep the customers engaged. With the help of this must-have feature, you will be able to inform the visitors about sales, discounts, and more. To finish with, this content-driven template is also WPML-ready, Retina-ready, and Ecwid-ready, so you have everything to develop your deal.


Hunting - Exquisite WordPress Template for Your Hunting Club Site

Shortly, Hunting is a top-level WordPress theme, which creates a professional navigation for your online project thanks to MegaMenu. Additionally, you will be able to run a multilingual website and enter the global market using this exquisite WordPress product. What is more, this WordPress theme for real men is also SEO-friendly, which means that you get fantastic search results.


Clubstome – Easy-to-manage and Eye-pleasing Bikers WordPress Theme

To start with, being eye-pleasing and feature-rich, Clubstome is an intuitive WordPress theme, which has a lot of versatile layouts. Moreover, this template is easy-to-manage and provides you with Live Customizer that shows all changes in WYSIWYG mode. In addition, choosing this creative theme for real men, you get category tiles, image grid, simple slider, carousels, etc.


Ice Hockey – Uncluttered Sports WordPress Theme for Real Men

To finish with, we have for you this uncluttered sports WordPress theme for real men with a built-in Parallax scrolling. Thanks to its responsiveness, Ice Hickey will look gorgeous on any gadget, no matter which size it has. Also, there is a modern Dropdown Menu, which both makes your site look clear and provides tones of information.

For today these were all the groundbreaking WordPress themes for real men. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Basically, the newest technologies allow you to set up a classy site without a hitch. To say more, now you don’t need to have website building experience or something like that. All in all, each and every of the presented products is really easy-to-use. Moreover, they are so simple in installation. Finally, there is a technical support, which is available 24/7. So, you can contact the professional team anytime you need and get all the answers. Given these points, why are you still here? In the end, TemplateMonster’s gallery is full of attractive themes. Thus, let’s check them!