Top 10 Food & Restaurant PrestaShop Themes

Food & Restaurant Themes To Upgrade Your Online Store

Food delivering services are really popular these days because people are overloaded with the job issues, this and that question, etc. Therefore, it is much easier to order a food online than to cook it by yourself. To say more, this kind of situation is also beneficial to business owners. We can see that the number of food delivering services grows up. Therefore, today we are going to tell you how to improve your online biz with the ready-made website templates. Here we go!

It is not a secret that lots of social systems allow entrepreneurs to represent their biz. However, is it the professional way to stand out with your entrepreneurship? To be honest, it’s not… Once you want to expand the target audience you must have a website that will promote your biz in a pro manner. To say more, the website allows you to showcase your products, services, etc, to the fullest extent. Therefore, clients can check all the details and proceed with the order right on your site.

In addition, there is no need to be a professional programmer to launch your own site these days. There are a lot of ready-made templates that allow you to build a site by means of a few clicks. Furthermore, there are tons of food & restaurant PrestaShop themes at your disposal to stand out with a marvelous online food store. It will save you a whole bunch of time and investments.

Now, let’s check 10 best food & restaurant PrestaShop themes that will help you to upgrade your online entrepreneurship.

Liquor Store

Liquor Store PrestaShop Theme

Spirit is an elegant PrestaShop theme with a whole set of professional widgets and plugins to make your site the best. Here you have a Mega Menu, product badges, and other features that will increase the functional range of the website. In addition, there is always 24/7 tech support that is ready to help you any minute.

Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant PrestaShop Theme

Need an elegant and unique theme to promote your Chinese restaurant? It will take you no effort to make your alive using this modern PrestaShop theme. Lots of options and features allow you to promote your food delivering business at a glance.

Grocery Market

Grocery Market PrestaShop Theme

Dexitex is a clean PrestaShop theme that will help you to represent your grocery market to the whole web audience. It has an ultra responsive design that adapts to any screen size. In addition, you are very welcome to choose among 3 pre-made layouts. It will help you to save some time while customizing the theme and allows you to get the right design right away.

Spices Online Store

Spices Online Store PrestaShop Theme

Impresta is a great solution for spices stores, thus, it will definitely help you to stand out in your niche. The theme comes with 6 pre-made layouts, tons of widgets & plugins, so, you are very welcome to create a site of your dreams. We would recommend you to check the demo to fulfill all its potential.

Herbal Shop

Herbal Shop PrestaShop Theme

SmileHerbic is a clean-coded PrestaShop theme with a one-of-a-kind design that allows you to emphasize your herbal shop. There are all the necessary features already included in the theme, thus, it will take you no effort to launch a website that will highlight your biz in the best possible light. Take advantage of this theme to get your business to the top!


Supermarket PrestaShop Theme

Looking for a premium solution to showcase your supermarket in the best light? If so, then take a closer look at this theme that was crafted with care to meet your expectations. Here you have all the top features that allow you to build a high-reliable site with a stylish look.

Food Store

Food Store PrestaShop Theme

FoodFade is a stylish theme with a cool functionality that allows you to build a site without any programming skills. Moreover, with this theme, you get a lot of premium TM modules that allow you to save over $600. Therefore, you get a high-functional solution with a user-friendly price tag.

Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop PrestaShop Theme

The theme comes with a mouthwatering design that will help you to emphasize products, content, and your company in general. Additionally, the theme allows you to save over $700 on the premium TM modules that are already included in the template’s receipt. Do not hesitate to check the theme in a demo mode to see all its power.

Pizza Restaurant

Pizza Restaurant PrestaShop Theme

Looking for the one & only theme that will help you to stand out at the pizza restaurant? Well, we have a solution for you right here! Check this modern and eye-catchy pizza restaurant PrestaShop theme that comes with a wide range of widgets to make your site user-friendly and fully-functional.

Grocery Store

Grocery Store PrestaShop Theme

Need a high-functional solution with a stylish look to represent grocery store? Check this PrestaShop that fits your purposes on 110%! Here you have lots of effects that will capture clients, while an advanced functionality will make them fall in love with your site!

In fact, these themes are the best solution for your online business that allows you to highlight it in the best possible light. Moreover, as you can see, there is no need to have any programming or coding skills to customize these themes up to your personal needs. Therefore, take one of these food & restaurant PrestaShop themes and represent your biz in a professional manner. Good luck!